SwiftClean was established to take cleaning services to the next level, and we have rapidly become the premium choice for clients seeking the very best in terms of quality, service and value.

Our Clients

We serve a broad spectrum of private landlords, managing agents and housing associations, keeping their properties clean, comfortable and well-maintained. They know that with SwiftClean, they’re benefiting from exclusive services and surprisingly low prices.

Where We Work

We are pleased to provide our services throughout London. Whether it’s contract cleaning for residential blocks, offices or shops; or one-off services including carpet cleaning, rubbish removal and window cleaning, we’ll be there to get the job done with our trademark efficiency.

We know what you expect from a cleaning company – thorough cleaning, great prices, and fully insured work – and that is what we do best. But we also do so much more than that:

Value for Money

We are confident that our prices are unbeatable – of course, without compromising on quality or safety. We offer generous discounts for bulk properties, so contact us for a free quote that will make you smile.  

Customer Care

Whether it’s after work hours or over the weekend, we are there to deal with any queries or issues that arise, and will make every effort to resolve matters within 24 hours.

Comprehensive services

We’re not satisfied with generic cleaning. We provide the unique service of reporting any other issues that need to be addressed at the property, including stained carpets, replacing lightbulbs, breakages, graffiti, malfunctioning light fixtures and sensors, and dumped rubbish. When you entrust your property to us we commit to keeping it in top shape, so we’ll even take care of these issues for you if you wish. We also enforce rigorous inspection routines to ensure our work is consistently of the highest quality.   

Detailed Reporting

We know you want to see the results of our work, but getting there in person can be time-consuming and difficult. In addition to the regular inspections and spot-checks our managers carry out, we also offer to send you photos of the completed job so you can conveniently view your property looking its very best.   

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