Proud to be taking the very best care of residential blocks throughout London

Our fully trained and insured team will vacuum, sweep and wash floors and stairwells; wash windows and doors; polish brass surfaces; change lightbulbs; keep elevators clean; and empty, wash and disinfect bins. Litter picking and external sweeping needed? We’ll do that, too

On-site cleaning

  • Cleaning supplies and appliances are stored on-site, and staff visit daily to carry out thorough cleaning.
  • A manager inspects the property weekly to ensure quality work.
  • For your convenience we regularly send photos of the completed work.

Mobile cleaning services

  • Our fully-equipped mobile suite with a team of two will visit your property as frequently as you choose – daily, weekly, twice weekly, or three times a week.
  • All vehicles ae tracked, facilitating reliable service and accountability.
  • Issues including dumped rubbish, graffiti, stained carpets and malfunctioning light fixtures are reported, and we even take care of it if you wish.
  • Ground maintenance: First impressions count. Let SwiftClean maintain the grass, shrubbery and flowerbeds to give your property an inviting, polished feel.
  • We regularly send you photos of the completed work for your convenience

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